Animal Massage

I qualified as a Merishia massage therapist for dogs and horses in 2019. I have always known that I wanted to work with animals, and I finally realised my dream in 2017 when I left my career in finance (what was I thinking?!), to set up a dog walking business. It began with me wanting to spend more time with my dogs and horses, and grew from there.

I've owned dogs and horses most of my life. At the time, I had a horse with multiple health concerns and 2 aging dogs that were becoming stiffer. I decided to learn massage to help them through the twilight years of their lives and keep them as active as possible. Sadly, those animals are no longer with me, but their legacy continues to inspire me to keep learning and growing. 
I love what I do and I'm regularly learning new techniques and implenting them into my therapies, including myofascial release and vibrational techniques.

I believe animals are our greatest teachers if we take the time to truly listen. I always learn something new when treating animals and I consider it a privilege to be able to do so.

I am based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire and treat animals within Herts, Beds and Bucks. I'm happy to travel further on request, please contact me to discuss options.

Merishia massage

Merishia massage uses a combination of Swedish and sports massage techiniques. It is beneficial to all dogs and horses, whether they are old, young, used in competitions or just pets. The benefits of Merishia massage may include: • May aid recovery from injury • May help to increase circulation and improve mobility in animals that are experiencing some level of stiffness • can promote relaxation and well-being. • May help to improve flexibility and strength • Can be used to maintain general well-being and prevent injury in performance animals. .*Treatment for horses - £45 *Treatment for dogs - £38

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  • Hemel Hempstead, England, United Kingdom

Where do you travel to?

I travel all over Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Please contact me to check availability. For other areas, please contact me to arrange.

Is Merishia Massage suitable for my dog/horse?

Merishia Massage is suitable for all animals regardless of age, fitness or athletic ability.
Circumstances where Merishia Massage wouldn't be suitable include:
  • if your animal has undiagnosed lameness. In this situation please see your vet in the first instance.
  • If your animal has an open wound. Please reschedule for 2-3 weeks after the injury to allow for the body to heal. 
  • After surgery. Please seek veterinary advice on when it is appropriate for your animal to have massage therapy. 
  • If your animal is sick, has diarrhoea, a temperature or doesn't seem themselves. In this instance massage won't be appropriate until they have fully recovered and their temperature is back to normal. 

Where will you treat my animal?

Horses will be treated in their stable, or wherever they are most comfortable.

The owner doesn't need to be present for the appointment but please ensure there is someone to trot your horse up on a level surface on the day of the appointment, unless agreed otherwise with myself.

Dogs will be treated in your own home or garden as this is where they tend to be most comfortable. Please arrange the appointment for a time when your home will be quiet and we can create a relaxing environment for your dog without distractions.

Why do I need veterinary consent to book an appointment?

 As per the Veterinary Surgeons (Exemptions) Order 2015 (which revokes the Veterinary Surgery (Exemptions) Order 1962) remedial treatment by ‘physiotherapy’ or manual therpay requires delegation by a veterinary surgeon who has first examined the animal.


Before your first session, please download a vet consent form here

If your vet hasn't seen your dog for a while, they may insist on a consultation before signing off on massage therapy. This will incur a consultation fee. I am not insured to treat your dog without signed veterinary consent. Please ensure this is completed prior to our first appointment.
Future appointments don't require further consent.

Please complete a client card below and give your vet a courtesy call/e-mail to confirm they are happy for your horse to receive massage treatment. 

If you wish for your horse to have massage therapy as part of a rehabilitation plan after an operation or serious injury, please ask your vet to sign and return the form below.

Before your treatment...

Things to remember before a treatment

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