Before your treatment...


Before your treatment, please ensure your animal is dry and free of mud and dirt and isn't sweaty from exercise.

If you exercise your horse within 24 hours of treatment, please ensure it's not an intense session or competition. Massaging sore muscles is painful and won't be well received. Horses can have free access to forage, but try to avoid feeding a large bucket of concentrates 2 hours prior to the treatment. 

Please don't worm your horse, change medication or have your horse vaccinated within 3 days either side of a massage treatment. This is to allow the body time to detox and avoid overwhelming the lymphatic system.

If you horse becomes unexpectedly ill or lame prior to the treatment, please contact me at the earliest opportunity to reschedule. 


Please ensure dogs have been for a poo and a pee before treatment so they can be as comfortable as possible.

Please ensure your dog is dry and free of mud. A massage can'tbe performed on wet/damp fur, so try to avoid walking your dog in damp conditions immediately before a treatment. 

Dogs should be wearing a flat collar for massage and please bring a lead as you may need to hold your dog. 

 You will be asked to keep your dog on a lead and as quiet as possible for a minimum of 24 hours after massage. This is to ensure your dog can integrate the massage effectively and the treatment isn't undone in a moment of "zoomies". 

Please ensure you do not worm, vaccinate or treat your dog for fleas within 3 days either side of treatment. Massage releases toxins into the blood stream for excretion, we don't want to overload the dog's lymphatic system at the wrong moment.

If your dog injures himself, begins to limp or gets a temperature and isn't themselves, please contact me at the earliest opportunity to reschedule the appointment.